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Thursday, July 30, 2009

do you ever wonder why there are these test things that have these questions that by the time your done it tells you what to be for halloween or some thing like that? Well i dont like those. By the time your done with this you will probly be wondering who the heck is stan-lee well you wont you'll be thinking wow! i didnt know that stan-lee didnt create captian ameirica he didnt even create marvel comics but he did create thor,the x-men,spider man and doctor doom. find comic book shops near you to find the recent marvel avents like secret invasion and dark reign. THE END.

Friday, July 17, 2009


one day a kid whom was called peter benjamin parker was in a class that was going on a field trip. They were going to Cuolumbia Universite. Peter had a best friend named and a best bully to. His name was flash thompson who loved beating up peter with his friends and loved flirting with girls. At the universite they saw all diffrent kinds spiders even the fourteen super spiders but there was supossed to fifteen. Peter was taking pitures of the spiders then he asked Mary jane watson if he could get a piture of her he liked her before he was in middle school. Right then a spider came down and bit him. Now later in this movie he is the FIERCE! the DEADLY! The AMAZING SPIDER MAN well thats all folks. spider man created by stan lee