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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Batman and the Flash

There are two villains and two heroes to this picture.  The heroes are Batman and Flash and the villains are Captain Cold and Weather Wizard.  The robot is the Cold-Drone.  I completely made that but thought it would be cool.  (Pun unintended.)   I made this for Tommy on the Bat Blog for making that post about my birthday.  Thanks, Tommy!  I really liked that post and now I'm on the national internet!

This was inspired by Requiem for the Scarlet Speedster, A brave and the Bold episode about the three Flashes.  Jay Garrick, the first Flash, the second Flash, Barry Allen, and Kid Flash (who later becomes the third Flash) Wally West.  The story is about how Professor Zoom trapped the Flash (Barry Allen) so that everyone thinks he's dead.  I think they made this episode because Barry Allen did die in the comic book but he came back.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hero Funnies #2: The Sky's the Limit

Hero Funnies

This is another one of my Hero Funnies.  It is mainly about the Fantastic Four story where Galactus grounds Silver Surfer to the earth.  He used to be able to go anywhere in the universe.  But since he betrayed Galactus by turning on him, and using all his powers against Galactus to stop him from eating the earth, Galactus put a barrier up so that the Surfer could not pass and go into space.  So the sky really is his limit.

Kind of sad when you think about it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you have a screw loose?

Hero Funnies

This is one of my funnies.  Mini-Marvels and Superhero Squad inspired it.  If any kids are reading this, or the parents of kids who watch Cartoon Network, they will probably know Superhero Squad.  For the other people, it is practically the Marvel artists and writers to just make a funny, jokish spoof on superheroes.

Mini-Marvels is a 1 or 2 page comic by Chris Giarusso that is usually put in the back of all ages comics.  It is written from the perspective of the Marvel universe as if the heroes were third graders.  It is very funny and me and my sister love it.

Anyways, these strips of mine are about the superheroes' lives and what they have to do to keep their lives from being destructed or to keep their daily routine going.  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Do You Notice? - I

This is my 'what do you notice' picture. I did it for my dad. my dad says that the 'Look and Find' books drive him up the wall so I did 'what do you notice?  Any ways, the heroes (across) are Thor, Tony Stark, Iron man, Hulk and Captain America (really far right). Villains (down) : Loki, Whip Lash, Gremlin and Attuma.

What do you notice?  Put in the comments what you notice.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thor vs Loki: the Battle of the Millisecond

This is my picture that I drew and colored myself, of Thor kicking Loki's butt.  

Thor is the Asgardian god of weather.  He can make rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and he can draw lightning.  His hammer, Mjolner, is really heavy, so it hurts.  There is a Thor movie coming up in 2011 but I am very excited.

Loki is the Asgardian god of mischief.  He has no special weapon but likes to taunt his brother, Thor, which usually ends up with Thor throwing his hammer at him.  Loki is also going to be in the Thor movie, but I do not know if they're going to make toys of him for the movie.

The big guy in the back is Odin, Thor's dad.The god on the far left is Heimdall; next to him is Fandral (the blondie); next to him is the very, very, very heavy 1000 pound Volstagg.  Next to Volstagg is Sif, Thor's soon to become wife.