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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Batman here, Batman there, there's Batmen Everywhere!

Or, rather, Elsewhere. You probably have guessed that these are all Batman's. Yes they are, but the story goes deeper than that.

Knight Wainright, for example, is Batman from the Dark Ages. He was generally more violent, and had a very short reputation, for he was killed by Vandal Savage about 3 months into his career. But, cool armor!

Now, the World's Finest Batman. This Batman never evolved from the Shark Repellent or the Batusi, and neither did his world's Superman. And in their Super-Friends-esque world, everyone is BFF's. There is no Nightwing, no Jason Todd, nothing past Dick Grayson and his chain mail speedo.

And in this corner, the Red Son Batman. His story is awesome, but too in depth for me to cover. So, link!

And now Batman Beyond, the future Batman A.K.A. Terry McGuiness, a teenager who is the genetic clone of the 90 year old Bruce Wayne!

So, that art should cover me for another week or so. Hooray!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Very On Topic Post!

I am very tired of politics and chemical weapons and terrorism. I feel like there is going to be  negative consequences in every action we take against Syria's dicktator (No, I did not spell that wrong) and even more when congress shuts the government down just because the republicans hate Obama. The whole situation is going to end with people out of jobs, a Republican dictated country with  FOX news leading the charge. Bad news for everyone. Which is why I am going to talk about video games and comic books and everything fun this blog post.

Forever Evil. The first universe-wide event in the New 52. For months DC was slapping that slogan on all the comics, magazines and websites. Months. I, of course thought it was going to be some big thing to introduce villains that haven't made it out of the New 52 limbo yet. And I almost had a heart attack seeing just how right I really was. One thursday morning, I was checking DC comic's webpage for updates in the Trinity War, and BAM. Crime Syndicate. Right there, the best team of super villains DC has seen. I was so happy, shocked and ready to drop dead from a heart attack, so excited to share with everyone I knew that the New 52 got something right! And it was than that I thought to myself; um, Xavi, does anyone know just what the Crime Syndicate really is? So, it was right at that moment I am came up with the brilliant idea to make a link to a Wikipedia post explaining everything to know about the Crime Syndicate! I'm so creative. Voila, link!

Two, Batman Arkham Origins! But Xavi, didn't you already praise that totally legit praise worthy game yesterday? Yes, I did, but I did not get to share the story of the fabulous praise worthy game I praised yesterday. So if you saw the trailer on yesterdays post, you have a slim idea of what it is about. If you have not, go watch. Now. Seriously, I will not continue until you have seen it. Have you? Good. So, from the trailer you saw Black Mask, Batman, Deathstroke and Deadshot. You may have picked up that Deathstroke and Deadshot are assassins hired by Black Mask to kill Batman on Christmas. What the trailer did not depict is that there are also six other assassins after Batman, along with the Joker, Penguin and possibly other villains. The game begins roughly after the events on the docks showcased on the trailer you saw. And, Adam West! Yes, you read it correctly.

Signing off. ; )

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Memrise! Memrise and Links!

I have not done actual writing on this blog for a while now. That would be because of school. I do have nice teachers and a fairly decent amount of homework,(emphasis on fairly) but not enough sleep. I get up at 6:00 A.M. everyday, and go to school at 7:15. That is not good for someone who has spanish class at 7:30. I often am just waking up by the time I am dismissed from spanish. It is astonishing that I have been able to learn the alfabeto by now. It also helps that I have been on memrise. Memrise is an amazing site that helps you learn different languages. It really, really helps speed up my Spanish education. I have mastered the basic fundamentals of Spanish, in less than two weeks. Two weeks! It is  a fantastic site, and is a great resource, and is put even better use in my Spanish class.

Other parts of School are going fine, and I am kept sane on the weekends by watching massive amounts of Batman- the Brave and the Bold on netflix. I do get the occasional drawing done, and I am doing a quite a bit of reading. I am currently reading On a Pale Horse, a book about a man who murders death. I also have finished John Green's award winning book; Looking for Alaska, and I greatly recommend it to anyone with a good sense of literature. I have gotten my dad to read it, and he thinks its a good book. I also recommend The Fault in our Stars, and everything else the the name John Green on it. John Green also is co-creator on the best channel on YouTube, VlogBrothers with his brother Hank.

I am also greatly anticipating Batman: Arkham Origins, which is including a whole new host characters to the Arkhamverse, including Lady Shiva and Deathstroke! Deathstroke! Honestly, this will probably be the best Batman game ever made. Ever. The cinematic trailer gives me chills and even more thrills. Also, skins! so many awesome skins!This is going to be awesome. Trust me. Really.

Signing off on the most linked post I have ever published!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wilson. Slade Wilson.

More Deathstroke! Finally drew a publishable picture of him.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

3 in One Day?! I am on a Roll!!

Jay, Alan, now Charles McNider! AKA Doctor Midnite!

Alan Scott Returns!

First Jay, now Alan! I am on a roll!

Jay Garrick Returns

Spent all mornin' working on this. Not half bad if I say so myself.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Crime Syndicate

The newest addition of art to my blog is very well timed, given the recent news of the Crime Syndicate appearing in the New 52, as evil as ever.

DC Comics has big plans for the Syndicate, and given that they have already destroyed about 3 characters careers(No spoilers, at least not yet.),  They must have large plans ahead.

More on the art. It was actually a shoe-box cover originally, but I decided to tweak it with some digital editing to do this piece of art.

The characters on this picture are the evil counter parts of the JLA from Earth 3. Owlman;Batman, Ultraman;Superman, Superwoman;Wonder Woman, Power Ring; Green Lantern, Johnny Quick; The Flash.