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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Washington D.C.

     One of my favorite parts of Washington D.C. was colonial Williamsburg. It was an awe-filled learning experience to feel like you were actually back in time in 1976. Um... 1816? No, wait... But it was really cool that you could have the awe-filled experience of being back in time in colonial days and be surrounded by the force that was consuming all of America, that barged its way into every city, every home, Starbucks!
    But there was some very serious  and educational stuff there that I very much payed attention to.(At least 60% of the time according to my mom.) There was the Political Conversations where famous presidents or governors constantly broke character and spoke their (Or at least what the actor thought was their) views on recent political controversies and challenges or other questions that were asked. Like health-care. (I bet that person voted for Romney)
   There were also little shops that people worked in and showed you what professions or jobs they had and how it affected the economy,  the population, and the fact that Americans used to rely on another country to sell us and give us goods back in the times of the constitution. Oh, wait, we still do that.(Thanks China!)
   Well, that was my last post on D.C., and I hope you enjoyed my stories and thoughts about my nation under God's capitol, and I hope you readers can go their sometime and learn about how America began, its history, and the what year the constitution was signed (1767?). You have my sincerest apologies about not posting for so long, or at least as much I feel comfortable being sincere to every one on the internet who is ever going to read this.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Washington D.C.

   I also visited the Natural History Smithsonian in Washington D.C. But, I am very sad to say it was partly disappointing. They did have some awesome exhibits, like the Dinosaur and Gems & Minerals displays, but those were the best things. There was no Blue Whale or even a good display of the Hope Diamond.
   I loved the Dinosaur exhibit. It was very cool, and the complete sets of fossils they had were amazing! They did have a pretty cool copy of Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but I've seen the real one in Chicago. The mineral exhibit was the best though. The gems and rocks they had were great! I had lots of fun with my Dad trying to decipher what elements were in those marvelous minerals. But the best thing I saw in the Gems & Minerals exhibit was the fuzzy diamond! I also saw the sharpest mineral in the world.
     I also went to the Library of congress that day. And I must say, the architecture of that building was utterly splendorous! The little names, designs, and details of that building was amazing! It makes sense that they have very high security in that place. They also had two of the most oldest and historic Bibles in the world! That building also had a tunnel to the Capitol, but for my nations most important building, it was hardly cool.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Washington D.C.

     I just visited the Air & Space Smithsonian museum, and it's 100% awesome-sauce! They had decommissioned nuclear missiles, a copy of the first wright brothers plane and the real Skylab space station, and so much more!
    My favorite part of the Air & Space museum was the main level where they had the actual mercury, gemini, and apollo command modules! They were so cool! You could see every tiny piece of machinery and tools the astronauts had on their ship!
    I also liked the apollo relics and machinery the museum had. They had the actual technology from the lunar modules! They even had a space catheter and toilet from the ships!!! And they were used!!!(And flushed) They also had actual epic shuttle engines! They were huge!