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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two in one post!

WHAM! POW! what a way to start a morning! A boring blog-post about my pictures. Trust me I would love too be playing Fury's Escape on Cartoon Network but I'm stuck on level 11. The first picture is a fight scene of Avengers vs Masters of Evil. The tan guy fighting Goliath is Power Man a 20 ft colossus with the strength of a mammoth on steroids. The guy fighting good ol' hammer swinging goldilocks is the Impaling Executioner, and that sock face in the right corner is Baron Zemo. More later gotta clean my room!

Monday, November 15, 2010


The Avengers 6'th episode is premiering on Wednesday. The Black Panther and the Avengers vs. Wakanda. But hey! isn't The Panther, the king of wakanda? Actually the White Gorilla tribe invaded it! in one of the lead up clips it shows the original Black Panther beat up the White Ape, the chief of the White Gorillas in a fight to see who take/gains control of wakanda . But it gets unfair when Klaw (AKA Ulyseiss Klaw the man who found out that the Black panthers Vibranium metal can be used too make dangerous sound waves) uses his sound beam to distract the Panther while Ape does the rest. Yes the original Black Panther was slain. (=
The Avengers have just recently fought Simon Williams the brother of Hydra lieutenant, Grim Reaper! Tony Stark trys to save Simons company by buying it but Simon thinks stark is burying it. Simon goes to his brother Grim Reaper! Reaper takes him to AIM the same people who made the Scythe that takes place of his right hand.AIM turns simon into a radioactive Bio-Freak. By now the two Avengers who are Thor and Wasp that had chased a AIM droneto base see MODOK, AIM's boss. Iron Man and Ant man are left too fight him. Simon figures out his Ion body is disintegrating. Simon dies but is brought back by the Enchantress! (=

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

 H+X+M at Mia and Grace.  X recommends the Muffaletta.
 Giant Snape tags X.  He's it.
X with his Batman bag in his Superman pjs eating candy he collected as Flash.  Practically the Justice League all by himself.

Iron Man Pumkin Armor, Mark 1.
Flash defeats Stick Man.




When is it lunch, I'm so hungry.

by cam =)

this is cam just 2 let u know im 1 of his closest friends. last year he made me a whole buncha iron man pics. i love them!!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


B ack from recess. And guess what? I jusst thought of something.Links! You know that favriotes post I did last year? well I think those links got some attention. And the ones at the side too.


Hello. I've been in school for a hour now but I want to talk about Halloween. Well to sum up I got about 5 pounds of candy. My friends were invited so that slowed down the pace but I had a ton of candy. Alot of candy. Wondering why I'm at shcool at this fun hour? Cause its the law. Deal with it. Saige one of my friends is hounding me. Its recess, see you later. (=