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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plastic Man and Batman

Well my sister is taking control of the Golden Christmas Card so I am partially scared, but I shouldn't 'cause I know she's responsible enough to do it. Different subject,

I have recently seen "the Long Arm of the Law" Batman Brave and the Bold episode which is very funny and dramatic with the stunning action of Batman and Plastic man fighting Kite man and Rubberneck, guest staring Woozy Winks Plas's loyal partner.

Here's the story it inspired.

The Bouncy Boundaries of Evil
by Xavier Golden

People yelled. They were scared. Because a 7 ft dude just broke down the door to the bank.
"GIVE ME YAH MONEY!" he yelled. The banker was terrified, but he did what the robber told him.
CRASH! went the window as the Batman jumped in. Just as the Caped Crusader came in, the robber made for the exit. But before he escaped, Batman nailed him with a batarang.
"Stop right there, villain," yelled the dark knight.
Then something weird happened, the batarang bounced off him and back at Batman. Then Batman knew who he was. "Halt, Rubberneck." Rubberneck charged at him, Batman ducked, but Rubberneck bounced off the wall and escaped.

Ding dong! went the doorbell to Plastic Man's house. "I'll get it," said Woozy Winks, Plastic Man's dumb but loyal sidekick. But when Woozy opened the door he was in for a big surprise. "B-b-batm-m-man," he said in shock. "Plas! It's for you," Woozy said.
"So, let me get this straight," said Plastic Man's wife Ramona. "You want my husband to help you fight someone who almost killed him."
"Yes," said Batman.
"Well, you came at the wrong time, he's doing some shopping at the grocery store, buying dinner," said Ramona.
"WAHHHHHH," cried a baby.
"See, you woke up Plas Baby."
"Honey, I'm home," yelled Plastic Man. "Batman!" said the astonished Plastic Man. "What are you doing here?"

"This is the place," said Plastic Man, "let's do this." CRASH!
"Huh?" said Rubberneck. POW! "Uhhhhhhh," groaned Rubberneck.
"That was easy -- too easy," said Plastic Man.
"No," said Batman, "he's out cold."

(dad-typed; editing limited to spell check)

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