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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


These are my three favorite subjects, my top 3 episodes, game sites and books.

BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD EPISODE COUNT DOWN!!!!  A good Brave and the Bold episode has classic heroes, a good team up and a good story.  Like if there is tension at the end.
  1. Game Over for Owl man-a action packed episode with Joker, Owlman, and altrenete Batmans!
  2. Aqua mans Outrages Adventure- filled with mini-adventures with Aqua man's family road trip!
  3. Clash of the Metal Men-first the Metal Men prove their strength by beating chemo then tackle the Gas Gang

GAME SITE COUNT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A good gamesite has to have games that I like.  Usually superhero games.  Fun - has a good story.  Don't like things where you click around, but where you're a character and you're moving and fighting villains.
  1. DC super hero games every month!
  2. Awesome games like my favariote one :HULK VS!
  3. games like Taco Fu and Save the Sheriff!

BOOK COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A good book usually has a good plot, funny action sequences and really good, likable characters.
  1. Percy Jackson series- Mason Osborne loves these books and so do I!
  2. Captian Underpants- the Waist-band Warrior is back!
  3. Harry Potter- the chosen one is a favariote!!!!!!!!!!!!

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