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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas road trip!

On 27'th of December my family went on a vacation to Florida but stopped at several states on the way. The first state we passed through was Indiana. Then we went through Kentucky and stopped for breakfast half way through the state. Then Tennessee.

When we got to Georgia we saw the Bickerstaffs, my dads godchildren. They were really fun! The oldest was Liam, he was 15. He even owned some bees. Next was Gabriel, he was around my age. He made some cool arrows out of the wood in his backyard. But since I was around I made them trick arrows like the ones that Hawkeye uses, but not like the bomb arrows more like bola and net ones. Second youngest was John Paul who was directing a play of the Nativity which was thought out pretty well. he got it out of a book of plays. This family has a lot of animals. They have goats, chickens even some dogs(the dogs are actually pets).

Then we got to Florida. That meant the Feminnios. this is the family we came on this trip to see. Uncle Mark is the father of this family, he is my dad's friend. Aunt Terry is the mom, my moms best friend. The kids are Fiona and Margret. Fiona is Bela's age and Margret is 8. next post is more on the Fems and the two major florida atractions Disney and Universal.

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