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Friday, June 3, 2011

The entirely private and my-business story of my utterly painful TOOTH PULLING! that my parents made me write to learn a lesson

I was sitting at the dinner table while a shooting pain shot up my right molar. This was around the fifth time it had happened in the past week. It was getting really painful. I lived with this feeling for about a week until I said, "MOM!" well, more like screamed. Then I let the beans spill. My mom told me to go put some peroxide on it to numb the pain. I did this fifteen times to get rid of the pain but it wouldn't work. Then my mom gave me a pain killer. It worked for a couple of hours while I slept but when I woke up it was worse than ever. Then my mom had an idea.

My mom called the dentist office the very next morning. My mom had scheduled a appointment for two weeks away but I said I couldn't take it anymore. That was when she called the office for a appointment for friday that was tomorrow. Then something astonishing happened. The dental office called and said they were open for a slot today at 3:30 p.m.. The entire day was antagonizing for me. I was so happy when 3:30 came. The moment I appeared at the waiting room I was called in to Dr. Thornley's office. I could finally get rid of this dang tooth!

Dr. Thornely took a x-ray photo of my tooth too show my mom. It had a huge cavity. There was a filling that fell out of a cavity and food got stuck in it and started decaying in it. So he gave my mom two choices. One, to put a filling in but the filling would probably fall out. Two, pull it out. I chose too pull it. The filling would probably have caused more pain in the decay and last time I got a tooth pulled it wasn't to bad. But this one was.

There is one word that could best explain the little tooth pulling. PAIN! The experience hurt, I'll tell you that. First the pain killer wasn't affective so I could feel them try to wriggle the tooth. Then they added more pain killer. Then the root of the tooth got in the way so that hurt. A LOT. Then they split the tooth in half. Which did not hurt at all. Then after that they finally wiggled the tooth out. And I was crying like a baby. A whiney one. I walked out of the office with a gaw in my mouth and my entire left side of my mouth felt like rubber.

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  1. Xavier,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth! I'm sure it was very painful, but next time tell your Mom and Dad right away.

    The good news is, having your wisdom teeth pulled should be a breeze for you, since you are a PRO at getting your teeth pulled!!! You'll have to ask Tara about her experience!?!

    Hoping you are feeling better!

    Love & hugs,

    Aunt Jill