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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Avengers, Invaders and Glazers

The Invaders are the Avengers from World
War Two!!!!!!!!!!!
(from top) human torch, torro, bucky
, captain america, sub-mariner

The Avengers, Earths Mightiest Heroes!!!!
(from top) Ant Man and Wasp,
Thor, Hulk, Iron Man

The glazers are a super hero team that are doughnuts. Their first issue will be here the 24th of June or the next day. I bet you can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like these Avengers and Invaders pictures because the poses and color turned out well.

Here's the color version of the black and white Hulk vs. Wolverine picture from before. I used it for my Dad's Father's Day card.

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