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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The finally

well it is a big bore without cartoon network and not going on the computer for a week. and bela not letting me play with her but finally i played with her. But now im finally going on the computer. And so thats the reason i have not been puting many posts up. And now were changeing the subject! I have the owners guide to the batmobile! But its on rent from the library. Hmph. And that we are going to have a mom free weekend!!! And as soon as mom gets back were haveing DOUBLE mom time! Grandma Golden is coming over! And today im FINALLY going to have those brave and the bold episodes i missed.

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  1. Hey what do you mean "a mom free weekend?" And just so ya know, you don't have to rent library books. If you turn them in when they are due they are FREE!

    Great drawings. I really like the "stupendous" one!