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Saturday, August 29, 2009


You know I hate kissing stuff in movies like: I love you kiss,kiss,kiss here comes the bride kiss,kiss,kiss. Well, if you feel like me, you'll love shorts . The fun ever lasting dramatic movie with crocodiles that walk on two legs, giant dung-beetles,and ultra super-dooper smart babies. Well, it's all about the wishing rock. The main character is Toe.

If I had a wishing rock, I'd wish I was a super hero. It would be cool. But the stone can make disasters if you're not specific. So it might make me the worst superhero ever, like Sewer Urchin, who smells really bad. But I'd like to gross people out. To be specific I'd wish for the superpower of stretchiness, because I always liked the power and the people who had the power. It's just technically the best power because you can do anything. You can go high like fliers, throw things super high like super-strength (with slingshotting), you can turn 2-D and be technically invisible... Think of Plastic Man, Mr. Fantastic, Thin Man, Elongated Man, Metamorpho (kind of), ElastiGirl.
Well, that's all folks.

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