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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stan the Man

Mr. Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this interesting information.

So how would you rank Stan Lee's creations? Who is your favorite? Who is your least favorite?

My Dad said you don't know all of Stan Lee's creations and i said actually i do. And my favorite is THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN cause it's such a cool yet sad story. His Uncle Ben died, which is sad. But he's the amazing Spider-Man. His powers and costume are cool. Steve Ditko created Spider-Man's costume. The reason spider man isn't a adult is cause Stan Lee wanted the teen to be a hero not a side kick like the human torch kind of.

My second favorite is Hulk. I mean who would not love the jolly green giant. He is a misunderstood monster. Usually he would be sad when he breaks things and sad when he doesn't. But with Hulk he's happy when he breaks things and sad when he doesn't. He doesn't really have a costume. No outfit or tattoo that says Hulk. Just purple pants. I like that cause he's so big and strong he would need a costume. But Stan Lee said a mutated monster doesn't need one. Jack Kirby created the looks of Hulk. Originally he was gray. And I would think why did they change that. Cause I liked gray Hulk.
Well Stan Lee didn't create Wolverine. He first appeared in Hulk which is a good comic for new superheroes, because it immediately puts up a good fight. Len Wein wrote him and Herb Trimpe drew him, but John Romita Sr. designed him. He bacame famous when the X-Men had to keep doing new things like new costumes. Then when they did the new X-Men he became famous. It's not that he has claws that can cut through anything. It's a superhero with animal powers that didn't come from a wolverine walking into a super smart scientist that blew up and mixed his DNA and gave him powers.


  1. I like Spiderman, too. I remember thinking how funny he was - like calling the Vulture "bird-breath" and wondering why Peter Parker wasn't more popular with this wit.

    Are there any Stan Lee hero's that you don't like?

  2. Bro!
    Who is this anonymous guy??!! And why does he come up with such good questions??!! And doesn't he know its impossible not to like anything that comes from Stan Lee!!??

    Like you could somehow not know who this is,