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Sunday, November 1, 2009


I was going for the Batman and Robin symbol, and then in my jedi costume I was pretending to lift it up with the force.

The jedi picture: my friend was pretending to be Quinlan Vos and I was being Darth Maul/Anakin.

In one of my older posts, my costume was from Anna's jedi party, and I was Forced - tee hee - to use the same costume. If I was picking a costume I would have been Green Lantern, cause right now he's my favorite superhero. I mean Kyle Rayner, not Hal Jordan.

Who's Kyle Rayner? He was chosen to be the one true Green Lantern after Oa (the home planet of the Green Lanterns) blew up. And he is a commercial/cartoon artist that allows him to have a wide imagination for his power ring.

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