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Sunday, November 13, 2011


I watched the Green Lantern Animated series premiere last night. It  was aimed for kids, like Batman the Brave and the Bold, but unless an adult liked superheroes, or green lantern, they would have no interest at all. (Not like Brave and the Bold) The main range would be for 6 thru 10. I only enjoyed it because I am a huge geek. So huge, I saw a toy set for the Imaginext Batcave and I begged for it for christmas. I havent gotten it yet but maybe this is my lucky year. But this is what got me worried. My favorite part of the episode was the add for DC Nation, coming in 2012 with all these cool little shorts. Any-hoo I didnt like it because their was the problem, the Red Lanterns.

The Red Lanterns are like the Green Lanterns of  hate. They are pretty cool, but they were released in 2008 but in the GL show they are the first villain Hal Jordan encounters. So that's one strike. Another reason is that the people that made this messed up is that they might make this all take place in frontier space which I have never heard of. (And I memorized all the 3600 sectors of the universe. (a green lantern thing) Thats number two. One more. The planet Oa. They took the giant power battery that resides on the GL base(Oa) and made it in into a space ship that Hal flirts with for 5 minutes straight, non-stop. And they have an hour and you only get too know 2 Green Lanterns out of 3600. And that show is OUT! But DC Nation is coming up, so stay tuned for my review of that in 2012. But there is one more bad thing. Brave and the Bold is cancelled next friday! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Sorry for the sad post but my dad made me review the Green Lantern Animated series. But one more good thing! the style by Bruce Timm, the best cartoonist ever! Seriously, the art is good. Look it up, he is the best Animator!

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