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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


        I have awe-inspiring amazing news, and very, very depressing news. I have been researching the Ultimatum event in Ultimate Marvel Comics. It is very depressing, and hosted the deaths of many of my favorite characters in the Ultimate universe. The basic summary of the event is found at the Ultimatum page on wikipedia. Know that this is a very sad and apocalyptic story line.
       Okay good news time! I went to C2E2 last weekend and it was awesome! I could spend so much time talking about the vendors alone. But I think one sentence sums it up.

   "There's... so... much... stuff..." -Xavier Golden, April 27th 2013, Chicago McCormick place.

    I went to an amazing (you could even say Superior) panel about the upcoming events in the Superior Spider-Man man comic I am currently subscribed to. It is an awesome comic and the people their obviously had great ideas. I was very glad I came this year and will definitely go next year.

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