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Monday, July 15, 2013

Pictures! Pictures of Art!

About a month ago, I promised some art. And, I have held up to that promise. Surprising, isn't it. Sadly it isn't Robin art, but it is art nonetheless.

This is Batman facing numerous black mask thugs after deploying a couple of his smoke pellets.

This is also Batman. He is decimating numerous false-facer's deployed by Black Mask. You can see the army of anxious goons in the background.

Now, if you look closely, you can the the resemblance between the two images. Batman and the thugs are in the same pose in the two images. When I decided to draw a picture of Batman destroying a posse'  of false-facer's, I had a brilliant idea. I could do two for the price of one! So after I pencilled the scene, I had my dad scan the image(Link to his blog here) and started two separate files, and inked, colored and saved them. And voila! Two awesome pieces of art.

Signing Off, Xavier G.

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