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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Complicated picture... I guess...

           New picture. And it needs explaining. The son of the atom thing is based on the premise that occured in the Amazing Spider-Man reboot in the early 2000's where an interesting idea was brought up by comic-book author Michael J. Straczynski that Spider-Man might be a nuclear powered super-hero, calling him the son of the atom. So, since then I have always associated that saying with atomic stuff. So, that's that. Now the actual character. The idea is an amalgam, basing it off of two ideas. The gray skin, is supposed to be a metal shell of a robot, referencing the ever classic JLA No.13. The idea of a shell holding in living radiation is from Captain Atom. The idea is that he was blasted, his shell was broken and his cracks are leaking radiation.

          I have also found an amazing game online. It's called Infinite Crisis a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
I am terrible at it, but it is possibly the best video game I've played in a year. You can play as different versions of famous DC characters like Green Lantern or Wonder Woman, like Atomic, Mecha, and Archane. It is fun, but requires a PC. Finally an upside to having one of these things. My account name is Dazzling-General, level 8. And you never have to stick with one character, you can choose different ones each match. And, overall, a pretty nice community.

          So, that has been my past week.


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