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Monday, December 9, 2013


Okay, it's been about two months now. Maybe even more, now that it's December. So, I have had things going on, and most of them, surprisingly, do not involve school. Their is a webcomic out there called JL8. I am pretty sure I have already talked about it but it often is a highlight of my week. But anyways, he sometimes publishes his art on I was already familiar with that site, for I had spent the majority of my summer looking at stuff on there. It is a great site for beginning artists, with tons of great art. So, a couple of months ago I created an account. It's free, and you can publish your own art, join groups, and just socialize. It, overall, is a pretty great community, I can regularly comment and correspond with other artists and creators on the site. I have started to publish my own art, and its pretty great. I currently have no way to create art online, so I am scrounging around for unused and used art to publish.
I have also become a fan of Linkara, an internet comic book reviewer who is pretty great, and has a fair sense of humor. His show is AT4W(Atop The Fourth Wall)  and I recommend it. Link here. And, well that's it. Guess I really didn't need to blog today, but I am free time, and I'm in a pretty great mood. Oh, and I have seen the new Arrow episode that features my favorite Flash, Barry Allen, and I wasn't impressed. It felt like the producer's couldn't decide on who Barry was. He switches from being an insecure kid, to being a smarty-pants, and sometimes just acts like a blundering dolt. And they got the worst actor they could for him. The one time theirs an actual blond person, they get someone who is half ginger and looks 12 years old!
       Okay, now I'm done with this post.

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