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Sunday, May 15, 2011

pt. I of the planet X saga

Thunder krashed as a worm hole opened to planet sakarr. The person in the wormhole was the red hulk! he was shot in space after almost destroying half of the solar system from his latest rampage. Red hulk stayed in his ship for 4 days until he went to explore this new planet he crashed on. every minute of every hour he thought of the ones who captured him and sent him to this deranged and dead planet. In 9 days he had already built himself shelter and gatherd some barely eatable food. One day when he was traveling he found a creature. a small spikey little creature. it was barely alive. he picked it up to exzamin it more. Then it fiercely attached itself on him. Spikes grew out of his skin and began to go fiercly insane he grabbed it of his hand. Or tried. It had grown itself on his skin gettting deeper in it every second. With a final rip he tore it off his skin and threw it onto a skeleton on the ground. Thaen something insane happend. the skelatens bones began to hinge together. Then spikey flesh and muscle began to grow on the zombie like creature. then it happend. the zombie was now turning into him. It must of had my DNA on it thought the red hulk. Then he had a very grotesque idea.

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