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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Later today when I was eating breakfast I grabbed the tenth issue of spider man off my shelf and read the first appearance of the Enforcers. I bet 100 bucks that you don't know about the Enforcers, some of the best spiderman villains ever. Well thats why I made this post today. Here they are! The one and only ENFORCERS!

Montana- "In the hands of an expert like montana, his lasso resembles a living thing, completely obedient to his will!"

Ox- "Though he is slow and ponderous your puny blows have no effect on him. and anyone who dares to incur his wrath rarely remains conscious long enough to worry about it!"

Fancy Dan- "Though small, his footwork is so fast and dazzling that no one can lay a hand on him!

These are all quotes from amazing spiderman no.10 spoke from their boss The Bigman the top crime lord of his time!

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