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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Batman here, Batman there, there's Batmen Everywhere!

Or, rather, Elsewhere. You probably have guessed that these are all Batman's. Yes they are, but the story goes deeper than that.

Knight Wainright, for example, is Batman from the Dark Ages. He was generally more violent, and had a very short reputation, for he was killed by Vandal Savage about 3 months into his career. But, cool armor!

Now, the World's Finest Batman. This Batman never evolved from the Shark Repellent or the Batusi, and neither did his world's Superman. And in their Super-Friends-esque world, everyone is BFF's. There is no Nightwing, no Jason Todd, nothing past Dick Grayson and his chain mail speedo.

And in this corner, the Red Son Batman. His story is awesome, but too in depth for me to cover. So, link!

And now Batman Beyond, the future Batman A.K.A. Terry McGuiness, a teenager who is the genetic clone of the 90 year old Bruce Wayne!

So, that art should cover me for another week or so. Hooray!

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