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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Memrise! Memrise and Links!

I have not done actual writing on this blog for a while now. That would be because of school. I do have nice teachers and a fairly decent amount of homework,(emphasis on fairly) but not enough sleep. I get up at 6:00 A.M. everyday, and go to school at 7:15. That is not good for someone who has spanish class at 7:30. I often am just waking up by the time I am dismissed from spanish. It is astonishing that I have been able to learn the alfabeto by now. It also helps that I have been on memrise. Memrise is an amazing site that helps you learn different languages. It really, really helps speed up my Spanish education. I have mastered the basic fundamentals of Spanish, in less than two weeks. Two weeks! It is  a fantastic site, and is a great resource, and is put even better use in my Spanish class.

Other parts of School are going fine, and I am kept sane on the weekends by watching massive amounts of Batman- the Brave and the Bold on netflix. I do get the occasional drawing done, and I am doing a quite a bit of reading. I am currently reading On a Pale Horse, a book about a man who murders death. I also have finished John Green's award winning book; Looking for Alaska, and I greatly recommend it to anyone with a good sense of literature. I have gotten my dad to read it, and he thinks its a good book. I also recommend The Fault in our Stars, and everything else the the name John Green on it. John Green also is co-creator on the best channel on YouTube, VlogBrothers with his brother Hank.

I am also greatly anticipating Batman: Arkham Origins, which is including a whole new host characters to the Arkhamverse, including Lady Shiva and Deathstroke! Deathstroke! Honestly, this will probably be the best Batman game ever made. Ever. The cinematic trailer gives me chills and even more thrills. Also, skins! so many awesome skins!This is going to be awesome. Trust me. Really.

Signing off on the most linked post I have ever published!

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